Wednesday, 4 September 2013


A Super simple fun experiment that somehow ended very differently than it started, but soooo much better than I could have ever planned.  It really is amazing how children come up with ideas that we as adults would never even think off.  In a split second between me grabbing some paper towel to clean up a spill Zara instead continued and expanded on the activity all on her own creating a lot of fun and mess in the process.  


What you will need

Oil (we used vegetable oil)
Shallow Container
Food Colouring and Water

I chose to use 4 colours (green, yellow, red and blue) but you can use how ever many you like.
Add a few drops of food colouring to each jar/container of water and stir)

Thats it, start adding drops of colour into the oil and watch the magic happen.  This is seriously cool,  the coloured water forms bubbles within the oil creating little bubbly patterns.  They spent a lot of time adding different colours to their oil containers and swishing it around to see what would happen.  This was fun until Zara accidentally spilt some oil from her container onto the table, then it turned in to unplanned fun which was even better.  As it was spilt oil it didnt run off the table like normal liquid would but stayed in a blob.  Zara looked at it for a second then proceeded to add colour to her spilt oil on the table.  As you can see from the pictures the spilt oil turned out way better than the oil in the containers.  Yes I know your all thinking Oh my goodness what a mess, but honestly they had so much fun that the clean up was worth it.  

Set Up
Elina adding drops of coloured water
Adding Red
All the colours
Mixing Colours
Zara sucking up the oil into the dropper instead.  Very cool
Spilt Oil 
Of course more oil had to be spilt after that to cover the whole table, but seriously looked amazing
Adding yellow to green
Okay this is where it got a little crazy.  Shooting the coloured water onto the table instead.  There was a lot of laughter at this point.
Covering the whole table
Colours mixing together
Pretty Bubbles

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Thursday, 18 April 2013


belVita Breakfast Biscuits

I have never been a big breakfast eater, most mornings I am known to skip it all together, not good I know but I always make sure my kids eat a healthily breakfast giving them a great start to their day.  Three of my children love breakfast  and it is probably the meal that they eat the most at, where my 10 year old daughter seems to have picked up my bad habit and if she could would probably skip breakfast as well.  It is a struggle of a morning to get her to sit down and eat anything.  She isn't a fan of cereal and yes we have tried a lot of them and she will eat eggs for lunch or dinner but not for breakfast.   Most mornings I feel like I am forcing down the one piece of toast and cup of milk that she has chosen and then thinking how does she make it to morning tea at school which is a good three hours after she had breakfast.

I was running out of ideas to get her to eat a better breakfast.  I had seen these new Breakfast biscuits at the supermarket and had picked them up, then put them back on the shelf thinking there is no way that she is going to eat these, I will just be wasting my money.  
Imagine my surprise when the next week I was offered the opportunity to review them and a box of the New Cranberry variant arrived on my doorstep.  Sweet!!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and most of us will wake up in the morning with the best intentions to eat a good breakfast, but life often gets in the way - as a result we skip, rush or compromise breakfast.

When my daughter first saw the box she was pretty keen to give them a try.  Her words exactly" You mean I can have biscuits for breakfast"  My reply " Of course you can sweetheart, lets open them and give them a go"  Of course the other three didn't want to miss out, so using the words the kids told dad "Mum let us have biscuits for breakfast"  Yes, yes i did!!

There are 4 biscuits per individual packet but we shared out 2 serves and they got 2 biscuits each alongside a cup of milk and some apple.  For small children I think 2 biscuits are quite sufficient with maybe some yoghurt, fruit or milk.

And what did my fussy breakfast eater think of these.  Apparently they were super yummy and she wanted to know if she was allowed them everyday.  So all in all she was happy and I was happy that she was actually wanting to eat breakfast.

Of course I had to try them as well and was pleasently suprised at how yummy they were.  They will be great to grab on the way out the door to eat on the school run.  I cant wait to try some of the other flavours, they all sound so yummy!!
There are 5 tasty flavours to try including the new Cranberry variant, Honey & Nut with choc chip, Milk & Cereals, Crunchy Oats, and Fruit & Fibre.  

belVita offers a delicious and easy way to fuel busy mornings.
belVita has a unique point of difference: not only is it tasty and convenient, it is the only biscuit that is scientifically shown to deliver 4 hours of sustained energy release.
belVita Breakfast biscuits are specially designed for todays breakfast, made with 5 wholegrain, low GI, rich in cereals and a source of fibre.  Combining belVita Breakfast with a low fat latte or yoghurt and piece of fruit provides a balanced breakfast and each serve is individually wrapped making it easier to control portion size and enjoy at home, on the road or at work. 

What we had for breakfast

My fussy eater enjoying some breakfast for a change

Everyone giving them a go

Dipping them in your milk is also yummy apparently

Cranberry belVita Breakfast Biscuits

Benefits of the new Cranberry variant ( aside from overall belVita benefits):
More fibre - a serve of belVIta cranberry contain 2.9g fibre, contributing 10% of your daily intake for fibre.
A serve of belVita Cranberry provides at least 22g whole grains, contributing almost half of the daily target (48g/day) for whole grains as recommended by the Grain Nutrition and Legume Council.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Since the piglets loved the Crazy Coupe Car Wash so much I thought I would downsize it a bit and set up a Matchbox Carwash.  This was defiantly a winner, even my 10 y/o girl wanted to join in.  Honestly  I think anything with water or shaving cream in my house is never going to fail.

Because I have 4 kids I set everything up onto 2 tables just so they would have enough space each, 1 table would be sufficient for 1 or 2 children though.  

What you will need: 

Matchbox cars
A tray or container filled with shaving cream (foam)
Toothbrushes and/or paintbrushes for cleaning
A container of soapy water
A container of water for rinsing 
A slide/ piece of wood/ gutter, anything for the cars to run down at the end.  

Basically the idea was to use the shaving cream to scrub your car with, then move on to the soapy water for a wash, into the water for a rinse and then down the slide into the basket to dry.  
It did start out that way but we soon had cars covered in shaving cream going down the slide because they liked the tracks it left on the slide.  Jai got a little frustrated that the clean cars were getting dirty again, but happily took them out and re washed them.  In the end everything including the kids were covered in shaving cream, I don't think they could have had more fun.  

Here it is set up and ready to go!!

All four piglets getting started

Elina playing in the soapy water first, who needs cars when you have bubbles

Scrubbing a car using a toothbrush and a mixture of shaving cream and soapy water

Zara washing a car

Cars racing down the slide

Giving the cars a good wash

Two brushes are always better than one

We always end up throwing water at some stage

Adding shaving cream to the slide

Sending the cars down on the snow as Jai called it

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Monday, 8 April 2013


This really was a major hit in our house!!!!!
As you will see in one of the pictures, Jai is patiently waiting his turn.  I use the word patiently very loosely as every minute he would ask if it was his turn yet.  I let the little ones go first than Alexis and Jai had a go when they were finished.  I really couldn't tell you who had the most fun as they all kept asking for more paper towel.

What you will need

Paper Towel (I suggest using the good stuff as I used a cheaper brand first and it was no where near as good as the name brand one)
Food Colouring and Water.  

I chose to use 5 colours (blue, red, yellow, purple and green) but you can use how ever many you like.
Add a few drops of food colouring to each jar/container of water and stir)
I put some white paper underneath the paper towels to prevent the colours seeping through onto my white table but again that is just a suggestion.  
Thats it, start adding drops of colour on to the paper towels and watch the magic happen.  This is totally awesome, so much so that I had to have a play once they were done.  

Set up

Elina (2) had a little trouble at first working out how to use the droppers but it didn't take her long to master it.  Zara had no problems and was very precise with which colours went where, where as Elina was just happy to squeeze colour everywhere declaring she was making rainbows.  

Make sure you have plenty of paper towel on hand as you are going to need it!!
We will defiantly be doing this again soon.

Zara adding red dots

Elina flooding her paper towel

Zara filling in the gaps
So pretty

Elina mastering how to squeeze to make the colour come up

Putting colour on top of colour

Zara added some yellow

One of Zara's finished creations

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Water beads are really very pretty and a lot of fun to play with, but are unbelievably awesome to look at on the light panel.  The light just shines straight through them and they look amazing.  
I set up and invitation to play with the water beads on the light panel before bed one night and the girls played for a good hour, well past their normal bedtime, but they were having so much fun who was I to stop them.  

All I provided was the beads, clear containers and some spoons.  They loved putting there hands in the big container and just feeling the water beads.  Of course the containers were dumped/poured and refilled numerous times.  I placed a big blanket underneath the table so to minimise the amount of water beads I would have to pick up at the end.  If you have ever played with these before you will know they like to bounce away when dropped on the floor, the blanket reduces the amount of escapee water beads you will  have and makes cleaning up much easier.  

Of course you don't need a light panel to play with water beads they are just as much fun without, the light panel just adds a new dimension.

NB.  My children are 2 & 3 that are playing with these and I am there right next to them while they play with the water beads.  In saying that my girls no not to put these in their mouths, so please only do what you are comfortable with.  If you feel your 2 year old is going to mouthe these than I suggest saving this activity till you feel comfortable that he/she understands otherwise.  

Set up

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